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Crisis Communications

Stone Public Relations specializes in highly charged issues and crisis management for
companies or individuals facing unanticipated difficulties in business. We understand why a
crisis is called a "defining moment" - and for this reason, our speed is tempered by an analysis
of every possible scenario prior to taking action.
We will guide you through executive related scandals, mis-informed publics, sexual harassment
and sexual discrimination cases, criminal indictments and a variety of sensitive issues. Our
practitioners combine cutting edge strategy with a rapid-fire, aggressive approach that will help
achieve the results our clients desire - whether accurate press coverage, or none at all.
There is no room for “reactive” when a crisis occurs. It is in your organization’s best interest to
be proactive and develop a crisis communications plan ahead of time. When your company has
a well-thought- out crisis communications plan readily available, it can make all the difference
when the crisis does occur.

For confidentiality reasons, our crisis PR clients cannot be named; we respect the level of trust
our clients’ place within our team to handle all aspects of crisis PR and damage control.

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